5 thoughts on “Shallow Thoughts #2”

  1. I went to a Lutheran school for 12 years and I’m not even Lutheran (long story). Back then there were only two languages offered – German (for obvious reasons) and Latin (also for obvious reasons). German was compulsory from Grades 3-12; once in high school, Latin was also added. After 10 years of German I can now say things like “What time is it?”, “Where are my galoshes?” and my personal favorite “What’s wrong? You look very pale.” My Latin vocabulary consists of “Et Cetera” and “Ave Maria”. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. 🧠

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    1. Your German vocabulary sounds roughly equivalent to my Spanish vocabulary from high school (Sorry Senora Lopez if you’re reading this, it just wouldn’t stick). And my knowledge of Latin is almost entirely the phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, meaning “Thus always to tyrants”, which I picked up from famous actor (although not famous for acting) John Wilkes Booth.


      1. John Wilkes Booth? Boy, is my face red! All this time I thought that’s what Fred Flintstone yelled to get Dino to go faster! Learn something new every Mesozoic Era or two. 🦕

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